The famous lines of Sir Martin Luther King ��Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable.Every step towards the goal of justice requires sacrifice,suffering and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.� aptly fits in today�s cruel world of stiff and ruthless competition.In the generation of pinching inflation and rapid growth in the technological sector,it is an utmost necessity to excel in whatever you choose as a career option for life.

Primary education is the first building block of a child�s character.Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education.The environment at LKCRMS is articulately designed not only to understand the chapters of the school syllabus but also to develop their personality by organising different kinds of brainstorming sessions,activity based learning,workshop oriented classes,guest lectures by experts etc.Our faculty members are constantly pushed to conduct the classroom teaching in a much more innovative way so that they understand the basic concepts rather than merely memorizing them.

We organize various field trips for students to enhance their general knowledge and broaden their understanding about the world.We aim to provide a serene atmosphere where individual attention is imparted to every special need of a child.Special emphasis is laid on promoting different kinds of extracurricular activities and sports in school and encourage students to actively participate in them.We believe in cultivating a skilled workforce who can incorporate a global perspective in their decisions.

Do you feel that education is all about preparing your child for a specific career or is it about teaching students lifelong values,discipline and the ability to explore new ideas and think creatively ? It is the future of your child.Think carefully before you make the right decision for them.If you feel that your child should be exposed to the best of the learning environment,LKCRMS is the right place for you.