Subject Laboratories

We have always emphasised the importance of practical learning. It is what transforms a worded concept into usable knowledge. Our school has well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer and even Mathematics. And we make sure that the students participate actively in practical classes. At Lady KC Roy Memorial School, the CBSE approved laboratories are not a mere formality for extra marks; they are what shape the future of a student.

Physics Lab:

Students are taught through theory and then various experiments on electric circuits, kinematics, Newton’s laws, Optics and other essential concepts with the analysis of laboratory evidence.

Chemistry Lab:

Organic or not, Chemistry ought to be fun when taught right. To ensure that the formulas and chemical equations get registered in a student’s mind, different experiments are conducted in the chemistry lab under the guidance of the teachers.

Biology Lab:

With an extensive range of apparatus, equipment, scientific models and preserved specimens, we teach more than just the students of higher classes who need it as per syllabus. The primary section students get to learn and wonder too in their visits to our laboratory.

Maths Lab:

Structured according to the NCERT guidelines, we emphasize the discovery, enrichment and verification of facts, reinforcement of ideas and better understanding of concepts. It is an opportunity to experience the formulas and logic in tangible form. Mathematics is no longer fearful but fun.

Computer Lab:

Lady KC Roy Memorial School is the first in the city to introduce students with robotics workshops. Our advanced computer lab equipped with modern robotics software and uninterrupted internet connection provides a comprehensive learning environment to the kids.

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