Extra Curriculars

Apart from organizing various competitions in the school of handwriting, recitation, painting, music etc, Lady K.C.Roy Memorial School is also committed to providing some offbeat education to the students by arranging workshops for skill development, robotics classes and personality development classes .

They are listed as below.

Workshops - Our school curriculum imbibes different workshops throughout the session for the skill development of every child.Workshops involving subjects like nutrition, traffic rules, fire safety, art of letter writing , robotics etc are continuously carried out with the sole aim of making a child ready for the real world.

Robotics - We are the only school in Ranchi to organize an extensive Robotics workshop for the children of Class 7 to 10.The students learnt the basics of programming and designed robots with the help of processors,infra red and light detectors.The students programmed different motions in the robots.

Personality Development classes - These classes are scheduled every week and designed to develop the skills of public speaking and group discussions.Field trips in printing press,local government bodies,bank ATMs and police stations.These field trips are followed up by group wise presentations .The whole process enhances the different skills in children.

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