We at Lady K.C.Roy Memorial School, train and prepare our students for life.We believe that it is an utmost necessity to develop the qualities of team work and sportsmanship in a child in his nascent stages of growth.When kids participate in various forms of sport,they feel more connected to the other children and their school. Active participation in sports benefit them physically,socially and mentally.

We encourage boys and girls of all the classes to actively participate in various sports offered by the school. We have three playgrounds along with a volleyball and a badminton court in our campus.We persuade our students to develop the sense of cooperation and understand the joy in victory and loss.

We expect that the parents should encourage their children to develop interest in some kind of sport form. They must try to volunteer to teach one of them. If not, they should atleast come out and cheer for them when they are out playing a sport.

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